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Strategic Plan

The WAFF foundation received a grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation to put together a Strategic Plan for 2012 –2015. The purpose of this strategic plan was to guide our organization's growth. The mission, vision, and values were revised in 2012 and haven't changed to this day.

Seven major goals were identified and we revisited these goals in September of 2018 with the following suggestions:

Goal 1.0 Form Committees to Implement the Strategic Plan

Goal 2.0 Membership Committee

Naoko Ho, Joni Patricio, Caryn Sakahashi, Blanche Suga, Allison Toma

Objective 2.1: Review and update membership and fee structure and develop incentives

Objective 2.2: Initiate program to provide five-year "free membership" to graduating seniors

Objective 2.3: Raise $5000 to $10,000 each year in membership fees and endowment donations

Goal 3.0 Finance Committee

Alvin Kyono, Irene Muraoka, Janice Nitta, Clayton Sakahashi, Placido Valenciano

Objective 3.1: Raise $20,000 each year from various fundraising activities

Objective 3.2: Raise $5000 to $10,000 from corporate members

Goal 4.0 Volunteer Committee

Leo Anguay, Alice Brown, Basilio Fuertes, Michal Nakashima, Adela Ochinang, Les Tamashiro

Objective 4.1: Identify and engage 20 new volunteers to assist with the fundraisers/activities

Goal 5.0 Communication Committee

Mahina Anguay, Lisa Hiraoka, Roy Miyashiro, Jerry Nishihira, Lynne Tamashiro

Objective 5.1: Update the WAFF website by May 30, 2019 (Completed and updated)

Objective 5.2: Update alumni database

Objective 5.3: Produce one newsletter a year (Completed 2018)

Objective 5.4 Develop a communications strategy

Goal 6.0 Strengthen Board of Directors (All inclusive)

Objective 6.1: Determine gaps in Board representation and recruit new board members

Goal 7.0 Support Waimea High School Needs and Priorities (All inclusive)

Objective 7.1 Determine the needs and priorities of students, faculty, and administration

If you are willing to serve on one of these committees, please print out and complete the Membership Form and return it as indicated, or contact one of the committee members.